Monday, August 21, 2006

Afterworks 2 review at IGN

"...Fortunately, I can now say that this collection surpasses the original in every way. Once again, animators from flicks and shows like Toy Story and Samurai Jack use their talents to create short stories in graphic novel formula. Some contain little to no dialogue, with visuals strong enough to speak for themselves. Others boast deep narration and thought-out plots. A few have both. There's something for everyone in here, and every tale is illustrated with detail and personality."

"..."Milton's Moustache" is an early standout in the collection. Drawn and narrated like a children's storybook (with a few naughty words thrown in for good measure), it teaches a funny little lesson about the rush to grow up. "Hell of a Game" does a fine job incorporating Satan, public relations, and foosball all into one hilarious story. Finally, "Slanty and Roundy" deals with the normal insecurities and arguments that might come between couples on vacation. The fact that it doesn't have a single word of dialogue, yet tells one of the most poignant stories in the book, is quite a feat. The last scene in the story is simple yet moving, and ends the book on the best possible note."

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Thursday, August 3, 2006

Rose and Isabel now available online

If you weren't able to make it to SCDD this year, Rose and Isabel part 2 (of 2) is now available online via Paypal.

The second book completes the story and paves the way for a new Western tale called CORA, which will debut next year.