Thursday, October 20, 2005

Afterworks Two update

Here is some early stuff for the planned Afterworks Two anthology. The first is a rough cover idea (not the final cover) and below that is a character from a short story I'm planning for said anthology. The Sag-Dig is a mythical creature I had read about years ago in a book on symbols. The description was "a white dog with yellow eyes represents the unexplained". So the story will be based on that.

Afterworks Two will be a full-color book featuring E-Ville press artists as well as some new contributors. Its debut will be at the 2006 SDCC.

Some of our planned contributors are:

Jeff Pidgeon
Mark Andrews
Nate Stanton
Ted Mathot
Josh Cooley
Louis Gonzales
Sanjay Patel
Rob Gibbs
Kevin O'Brien
Derek Thompson

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