Saturday, December 17, 2005

Scott Morse joining in for Afterworks Two

A while back I posted the list of great artists we've lined up for the next Afterworks anthology and I'm happy to announce the addition of another great artist to our lineup: Scott Morse!

From Scott's blog:

"I'll be contributing new short stories, fully painted, to two 2006 anthologies: PROJECT: ROMANTIC and AFTERWORKS II. These shorts will be stand-alone, but also link up into a longer work. More on the stories soon! PROJECT: ROMANTIC is, of course, the third entry into the AdHouse Books line of award-winning PROJECT:anthologies. AFTERWORKS II is a compilation of animation artists out of Emeryville, called E-VILLE PRESS. These guys are GOOD. " 

Keep an eye out for Scott's new book NOBLE BOY, coming soon!

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