Thursday, July 13, 2006

What's going on with E-Ville Press?

Hey folks...those who are familiar with our comics group may be wondering why the blog posts have dropped off. The reasons are that many of us are busy with work, our own projects, or other things or have other blogs (I have 2 myself) to update. E-Ville is still around although in a bit of an intangible form. We'll continue to release books (there are plans for Afterworks 3), and still use the name, but the blog most likely won't be updated on a regular basis. Information my be best found under the individuals' own blogs and websites, many of which can be found in the sidebar.

Jeff Pidgeon, Louis Gonzales, Scott Morse and myself will be under the Red Window/E-Ville Press banner at Comic-Con this year, signing and selling Afterworks 2--so if you're in San Diego for the event, swing by booth #4802.

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